Giving is automatic

Serve others first. Success follows.

Long before giving back became fashionable, Omron was committed to putting others first. In 1933, our founder, Kazuma Tateisi, established our pinnacle core value “working for the benefit of society.” It’s as essential to us today as it was then.

We believe in helping others, above all. Mr. Tateisi believed that the real purpose for a company to exist is to serve society, and that only when this is accomplished should the company earn profits and enjoy sustainable growth.

A true innovator, Mr. Tateisi was years ahead of his time. He believed that only companies that add value and meet social needs can earn trust and respect from society as good corporate citizens, and successfully continue to exist as businesses.

At Omron, this spirit flourishes. Every year on May 10, we celebrate Founder’s Day, where Omron employees all over the world honor our founder by volunteering in our local communities. From helping people with disabilities, to lending a hand at animal shelters, rebuilding homes for families in need and more, that’s more than 30,000 people giving back in one day!

Today, as always, Omron is committed to:

  • Building trust and confidence with stakeholders through constructive engagement
  • Demonstrating integrity, fairness and transparency in all business activities
  • Contributing to the sustainable development of society by addressing its needs in a well-balanced manner, and considering the economic, environmental and social impact of our actions