Autonomous Intelligent Motion

Motion control and robotic solutions

Motion control is the key to building flexible manufacturing environments. Robotics is the key to building autonomous manufacturing environments. Combining them under one platform creates the ultimate intelligent solution.
Our portfolio includes a wide range of solutions that synchronize movement, facilitate part movement, and enable assembly of very intricate designs with speed and precision. Whether a collaborative application, a mobile application, or a precision motion advanced manufacturing application, we engineer scalable solutions capable of integration into your existing architecture.

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Using automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to create a more flexible and efficient production environment

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are a key component of a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and are a proven technology to improve efficiency, safety, and quality in an automotive manufacturing environment. Reliable, configurable, easily programmable, and real-time communication capabilities are critical to successful implementation.

Omron’s automation solutions enable AGVs that can be quickly reprogrammed to change path, task, or operation, eliminating the need for expensive station retrofitting or wired pathways while offering a safe and predictable method of delivery. Coupled with Omron’s suite of logic, vision, safety, motion, and robotics solutions, each AGV can be customized or new AGVs added easily in an efficient manner to meet the challenges of the automotive factory of today.
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