Compliance and Quality

Product detection, traceability, and identification

We are your global trusted advisor for turnkey vision, automated optical inspection, sensing, and measurement solutions to meet your production goals. Our global reach and local standards expertise coupled with our extensive product portfolio allow us to offer unparalleled innovative quality control solutions for the rapidly changing vehicle architecture.
When integrated with our real-time machine control and database capability, advanced robotics, and motion control; these solutions provide affordable alternatives to time consuming manual based inspections and error-proofing processes that often miss subtle defects and product variations.

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    Vision sensors for pick and place applications

  • FH_Product_Image.jpg


    Powerful Vision System for Faster and Precise Inspection and Measurement

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    NJ5 SQL Client

    NJ Machine Automation Controller with SQL Client Functionality

  • NJ1 SQL Client.JPG

    NJ1 SQL Client

    NJ1 Machine Automation Controller with SQL Client Functionality

  • NX7_L.jpg


    Machine Automation Controller - NX7 Series

  • NJ controller.jpg


    Machine Automation Controller - NJ1 Series

  • NJ301.jpg


    Machine Automation Controller - NJ3 Series

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    Machine Automation Controller - NJ5 Series