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Omron Launches Adept Robots

March 30, 2016

Omron Automation and Safety launches a new line of robots from Omron Adept Technologies that enable complete automation solutions to be designed from a single source.
We are excited to bring to our customers a new line of robots from Omron Adept Technologies that enable complete automation solutions to be designed from a single source.
We now offer SCARA, Parallel, Articulated, and Mobile robot solutions.  These best-in-class industrial robots have been integrated with Omron’s family of sensors, safety components and award-winning NX/NJ series machine automation controllers to simplify the implementation of robots in a production environment.
See our new Robotics line-up
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So, what does this mean for our customers?

The wide and deep range of our products open design flexibility to build electrical panels all the way up to completely automated production lines that include robotics. We engage the full scope of automation, from device to machine, to line, to factory, to enterprise to a complete value chain.
Our customers gain the unique advantage of combining well integrated Input, Logic, Output, Robotics and Safety equipment into a comprehensive solution that removes barriers to customization, agility and high-speed, high quality production.
According to Robb Black, our Pan-America's CEO and COO, “We are now well positioned to become a preferred automation partner to manufacturers seeking agile, integrated automation solutions. Our unique capability to deliver world-class robotics, safety, sensing and controls from a single source maximizes the value of their investment while reducing cost of procurement and complexity of system support. With Omron, it’s one PO, one call for support, one point of partnership.”
“This is a good time to get to know Omron,” says Nigel C. Blakeway, Omron Industrial Automation Business (IAB), Senior GM, Robotics Business Development.  “Our acquisition and integration of Adept Technologies, Inc. robots and Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. precise motion control technologies into the Omron family lets us offer a wide range of best-in-class products. The remarkably innovative and synergistic solutions made possible by these products, our application know-how, and engineering support will ensure manufacturers stay competitive in challenging business conditions prevalent today and into the future.”

Innovation designed for the future

As global manufacturing comes under even more pressure to cut costs, shorten supply cycles and operate across global environments, production sites around the world strive to improve productivity. Increased use of labor-saving robots is one of the solutions. By adding the robotics technology of Adept to its current offering, Omron will be very well positioned to provide manufacturers in the automotive, digital device, food and beverage, packaging, and other industries with solutions to these challenges.
Our unique combination of software and control architecture addresses the factory automation challenges of producing a high variety mix of products with short product lifecycles that require rapid production line changeovers. The common controls and integrated software architecture and development environment meet current and future needs for ease of process design, flexible operation and predictable maintenance.
With over 80 years of manufacturing experience, we continue to lead in innovative technologies developed by an R&D group funded annually by 7% of sales. Testing labs ensure connectivity between devices for data gathering and real time reporting to support IIoT and quality improvement in processes and finished goods. As a global business that continually evolves, We are dedicated to removing barriers to productivity, safety and sustainability. We strive to deliver products and technical support worldwide of uniformly high quality to earn the trusted reputation of automation partner.
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