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Safety Door Guarding for Wet Operations

August 08, 2016

Two families of non-contact safety interlock switches expand our offering to meet the application requirements of machines that have a frequent water washdown regimen.

RFID Coded versus Magnetic Coded Switches

The degree of tamper resistance guides the selection process. D40R safety switches with unique. RFID codes offer the best tamper resistance by assigning the actuator one of 32 million codes and only the right one can defeat the switch. Next best tamper resistance is D40R models with basic RFID coding where a spare actuator can be used but re-teaching is required to defeat the switch. Hall-effect magnetic coded D40P switches offer low tamper resistance that is difficult to defeat without a spare actuator. LED indicators support visualization of operation status. The output indicator lights continuously when the switch is energized. In D40R RFID coded models, the LED also flashes to indicate the wrong actuator has been used and an attempt was made to bypass the safety protection.

D40R RFID Coded Switches

There are two D40R actuator types that both offer tolerance for misalignment. Basic models have all actuators in the system identically coded. Unique coded models are individually coded using one of 32,000,000 different codes. When there is high motivation to defeat the safety protection system using a spare actuator, apply uniquely coded RFID switches to prevent intentional bypass. Basic style coding requires re-teaching when a different actuator is used. The D40R is offered only in a plastic version; however, it is rated for IP69K, suitable for clean in place applications; M12 connectors are only rated IP67. Two body styles help match the site requirements: an elongated body or small compact body.

D40P Hall-Effect Magnetic Coded Switches

The D40P switches offer the widest range of materials and shapes to match the application. There are two different case materials, plastic or 316 stainless steel. Plastic body versions offer good economy but they are only rated for IP67 environments. Four body styles are available: elongated, small, barrel and mini, which have left or right cable direction. The 316 stainless steel versions are IP69K rated for high temperature/high pressure water washdown. Three varieties include standard, hygienic and special food type that can come in contact with food and be sanitized in place. This series also meets electrical and safety approvals to EN / ISO as certified by TUV and meets UL and Canada approvals as certified by UL. For stand-alone operation it is certified up to PLe/Cat.4 and in a series connection, up to PLd/Cat.3.

Build a Complete Safety Solution

To design a safety solution that includes D40P and D40R non-contact safety interlock switches, connect them to a safety monitoring relay or programmable safety controller. Install up to 20 switches in series to reduce the cost of monitoring circuits. Most equipment also requires an emergency stop device, safe drives or servos as well as basic components such as hard-wired reset buttons and power supplies to complete the solution. Omron offers a wide range of safety and standard components and controllers to use in building a complete safety system.
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