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K6CM provides real time motor condition monitoring

April 02, 2018

The K6CM is the new motor condition-monitoring device added to the monitoring product family from Omron.

This device has the capability to quantify the status of a three-phase induction motor to help facilities plan their maintenance efficiently.  Based on initial configuration, the degradation level can be set in the device to determine motor health and the necessity for maintenance.  K6CM has motor health visual indication for simple motor status updates.  When the motor is experiencing bearing wear, overload, misalignment, etc., the monitoring device can help alert maintenance personnel of the warning signs of motor failure by measuring this degradation in performance from a baseline. The EtherNet/IP capability allows customers to trend information of up to 10 motors to determine if there is a degradation in motor performance.  Using K6CM, customers can increase their uptime and decrease the unexpected downtime due to motor failure.

Key benefits to customers include:

  • EtherNet/IP compatible
  • LCD visual alarm display for easy visual indication of motor status
  • Capable of monitoring current, motor vibration, motor temperature, and insulation resistance
  • Motor condition can be trended using software tool
  • Insulation resistance and current monitor devices can be easily installed without removing or changing the existing wiring
  • Threshold setting ability to keep informed of maintenance forecasting
  • Push-In Plus technology
  • UL Listed

For more information, please download the flyer below, or check out the K6CM product page.

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