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The NX-Safety stand-alone expandable solution enlarges our Safety controllers family

February 01, 2015

The new NX-Safety stand-alone system is a powerful, modular and easily commissioned safety controller which, due to its scalability, can be efficiently adapted to the requirements of a wide variety of safety applications. The expandable design provides a highly scalable solution, from a compact system with containing just a few I/O’s, through to a very large application which requires up to 256 I/O points. Stand-alone operation uses the same NX-S hardware so if the application expands beyond 256I/O a larger EtherCAT system using the NJ can be created up to 1024.

The new NX-Safety stand-alone is:

  • Compatible with the complete Sysmac platform, with one software tool for the entire machine or production cell
  • Harmony and integration between safety control and standard machine control
  • Open in terms of communication and safety programming standards
The result is a powerful and robust safety system that achieves PLe level according to the EN 13849-1 and SIL3 according to IEC 61508
This new stand-alone safety system allows connection of up to 32 safety I/O units, standard digital inputs and outputs can be directly mapped into the NX-SL3300 safety CPU according to the project needs. The safety controller provides a large program capacity and includes useful features such as Automatic Configuration Recovery functionality to greatly simplify the engineering, commissioning and maintenance tasks.

Direct connection to any kind of safety device

The NX-Safety inputs support direct connection of any kind of safety device; electro-mechanical switches, non-contact sensors, interlocking devices, safety mats, safety bumpers, enabling switches, single beam safety sensors, safety light curtains, safety scanners…etc.
Equally, the NX-Safety outputs support any kind of safety actuators from safety relays and safety contactors through to Inverters or other drives with safety functionality.
The new EtherNet/IP coupler supports this new NX-Safety stand-alone system and has two EtherNet/IP ports, providing a simple to use communications platform to share all of the system status information with other devices.

Sysmac Studio Software Tool

The new NX-Safety stand-alone uses the Sysmac Studio Software Tool, created to provide machine builders with full control over their automation system, and is fully compatible with the complete Sysmac family. Included in Sysmac Studio is a Safety Logic Editor, providing a set of 46 ready to use Safety Function Blocks, allowing complex connections to be configured whilst the program simplicity is maintained.
The user can reuse or import/export the safety program code from/to other projects easily. The Sysmac Studio software tool integrates configuration, programming, simulation and monitoring. Sysmac Studio is fully compliant with the open programming standard IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen Safety function blocks.  The new limited license version allows users to purchase a software package just for configuring and programming stand-alone applications, while users that configure both stand-alone and EtherCAT network solutions can enjoy the ability to program the system now by simply updated their software.
In line with Omron’s global policy, Sysmac meets global standards such as EC Directives, UL, cULus, , IC, ODVA, and Lloyd’s and has been certified by TÜV Rheinland.
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