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All-in-One Entry-Level Sysmac Controller

December 01, 2016

Compact NX1P delivers Sysmac platform advantages for small and midsize production machines.
Omron Automation has released an entry-level, all-in-one Machine Automation Controller, NX1P, for machine builders and OEMs who want the powerful Sysmac integrated platform to control logic, motion, vision and safety in a single unit. The new controller helps OEMs be competitive by offering a scalable solution from one vendor, passing on higher productivity than several separate controllers, and lowering the total cost of design and support. With 24 or 40 local I/O built-in, 4 to 8 motion axes, the NX1P meets the need for a compact, affordable controller with built-in motion control with no additional modules. The base unit has 4 point-to-point motion axes. To connect the machine to the plant floor, NX1P provides built-in open interfaces for both EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT networks.
I/O expansion can be done locally or remotely using NX-series slice I/O that includes an IO-Link master unit to gather data for preventive maintenance and IIoT migration. Additional option boards for serial communications and analog I/O plug into the front panel. The single software Sysmac Studio configures and simulates all the technologies in an integrated development environment. Programs for NX1P are easily scaled up for use on larger NJ and NX series controllers, allowing standardization on the Sysmac platform for individual machines and manufacturing lines.

About Sysmac Platform

Omron’s Sysmac Platform provides a scalable architecture for reliable, high-performance, centralized machine control. This system guarantees integration of multiple technologies and interoperability between Logic, Motion, Vision, and Safety technologies with a single software interface. Sysmac Studio software creates a universal tag database that maximizes user efficiency by consolidating configuration, programming and commissioning operations with single-file revision management. This is achieved by providing a clean controls architecture, with built-in open network interfaces EtherNet/IP (for enterprise), and EtherCAT (for real-time machine devices). into a single software.
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