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Industrial PCs Offer Critical Solutions for Big Data/IIoT

December 01, 2016

NY-Series Industrial Panel PCs deliver uninterruptable machine control with an isolated Real Time Operating System (RTOS).
Omron Automation (www.Omron247.com) designed the NY-series of Industrial PCs for reliable machine control and the flexibility to handle the most demanding SCADA, ERP/SAP, and SQL applications. They pave the way to adopt and capitalize on IIoT for production optimization, to achieve compliance with traceability regulations, and to establish preventive maintenance protocols.
In the crowded market for industrial PCs, Omron created a uniquely reliable way to crash proof machine control operations by partitioning the drive. In the NY5 Machine Controller IPC, one part runs the embedded NJ machine control RTOS, the other one runs the computer operating system.  A hypervisor virtual network between the two ensures collaborative operation in normal conditions, and uninterrupted machine control operation in the event of a Windows crash. The embedded NJ can even be set to restart Windows OS.
For multi-axis motion control applications that require high precision and high speed, Omron created an IPC with programmable motion control, model NY51-A. It incorporates advanced functionality developed by Omron Delta Tau Technologies to handle complex motion tasks.
The NY-series IPCs are part of Omron’s Sysmac platform, allowing simulation and commissioning using the integrated development environment in Sysmac Studio software package. They also run Omron InduSoft software used to design SCADA and HMI projects.

Available Types of NY IPCs


About Sysmac Platform

Omron’s Sysmac Platform provides a scalable architecture for reliable, high-performance, centralized machine control. This system guarantees integration of multiple technologies and interoperability between Logic, Motion, Vision, and Safety technologies with a single software interface. Sysmac Studio software creates a universal tag database that maximizes user efficiency by consolidating configuration, programming and commissioning operations with single-file revision management. This is achieved by providing a clean controls architecture, with built-in open network interfaces EtherNet/IP (for enterprise), and EtherCAT (for real-time machine devices). into a single software.
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