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Free Sysmac Library Helps Reduce Programming Time

August 01, 2016

Omron introduced Sysmac Library function blocks that are free Sysmac Studio Software modules used to increase efficiency of programming for multiple applications.
They contain fully tested, specialized function blocks to supplement the wide range already available in Sysmac Studio software. The libraries are a no cost download for registered users of Sysmac Studio software*.

The Sysmac Library delivers added value for machine builders in three ways:

  • Rigorously tested software modules with global support.
  • Reduce overall cost of engineering design.
  • Utilize PLC resources more efficiently due to pre-built function blocks/functions.
Sysmac Studio software is a single software suite that provides an integrated development environment for Omron’s machine automation controllers, HMIs, servo and inverter motion control, temperature controllers, robots, vision systems, safety, and networking. The Sysmac Library function blocks simplify programming of basic tasks, provide specialized tools for advanced process controls, and unify setup to monitor a diverse collection of devices.
The 12 Sysmac function block libraries currently available fall into these categories:

Tools for Predictive Maintenance and Monitoring

  • EtherCAT N-Smart Sensor Communications Series Library - The EtherCAT N-Smart Series Library is used to back up and restore the parameters for an OMRON E3NW Sensor Communications Unit (an EtherCAT type).
  • Device Operation Monitor Library - The Device Operation Monitor Library is used to monitor the operation of devices such as air cylinders, sensors, motors, and other devices.

Tools for Advanced Process Controls

  • Vibration Suppression Control Library - The Vibration Suppression Library is used to suppress residual vibration caused by the operation of machines. This library is used together with motion control instructions of the NJ/NX-series Controller.
  • Temperature Control Library - The Temperature Control Library is used to perform a high-level temperature control. This library is used together with analog control instructions of the NJ/NX-series Controller.
  • Weighing Control Library - The weighing system using the NJ/NX Machine Automation Controller and NX-IO eliminates the need for a communications program.  The Function in this library easily converts to a display value.  The Function Blocks in this library control valves to discharge a constant quantity of the raw material.

Tools for Motion Control Applications

  • Motion Control Toolbox Library - The MC Tool Box Library is used to implement a program to perform motor control in the user program. Commonly used functions such as PID processing and filter processing are provided in this library to reduce search time for the right function block and conserve programming manpower.
  • Motion Control Command Table Library - The MC Command Table Library is used in conjunction with motion control instructions of NJ/NX-series controller. Having to program multiple motion control instructions will be unnecessary by using this library.
  • Motion Control (MC) Test Run Library - In this library, attain precise positioning with simple programming using an MPG (Manual Pulse Generator) and the MPG filter function block when teaching or maintaining a machine.
  • EtherCAT G5 Servos Series Library - The EtherCAT G5 Series Library is used to initialize the absolute encoder, backup and restore parameters for an OMRON G5-series Servo Drive with built-in EtherCAT communications helping reduce total programming time of servo drives. This module can be used with all Rotary Servomotor G5 series version 2.10 or higher.
  • EtherCAT 1S Series Library - The Parameter Backup Function Block backs up the parameters for each servo drive individually* (upload settings from the servo drive), and the Parameter Restore Function Block restores them individually (download settings to the servo drive), without connecting to a PC. You can easily change and recover servo drive settings. The Absolute Encoder Initialize Function Block initializes each absolute encoder individually.
  • Servo Press Library - Hardware (Sysmac family) and software (Sysmac Library) help improve both speed and quality of the press-fit process and eliminate the need for a dedicated controller for a servo press .  The Function Blocks and Functions in this library control actuators for the servo presses that are used in processing machines such as press fitting machines.
  • Adept Robot Control Library - The Adept Robot Control Library is used to directly control Adept Robots  from NJ/NX-series Controller.   You can use this library to control any types of robots like parallel, SCARA and articulated from NJ/NX-series Controller with common instructions and a common programming method.
Registered Sysmac Studio users can click here to download Sysmac Library modules.
To download the product brochure click here.
*Sysmac Libraries work with 1.14 or higher version of Sysmac Studio. Users can verify compatibility by checking the Sysmac Library product brochure.
More function block libraries are planned for future additions.
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