Prevent voltage drop and power failure with a compact UPS.

The S8BA is a compact DC-DC UPS solution with DIN rail mounting. During power failure or voltage drop, it provides reliability best suited for controllers and industrial-purpose computers (IPC).

  • Lithium-ion battery makes it virtually maintenance free (10 year life expectancy)
  • Maximum backup time can be programmed via the front of the unit
  • Improves system reliability--provides 24VDC back-up power to IPCs in the event of a voltage drop or power failure
  • Labor saving push-in termination (input and output) allows for quick and easy installation
  • USB cable allows easy connection to PLC’s and IPC’s
  • Seven-segment display indicates S8BA status
  • UL Certified and CSA approved

Simple Shutdown Software

Simple Shutdown Software (open source version) can automatically shut down computers and UPS units when an input power problem occurs (power outage, etc.). We provide this software as a free-of-charge download.Using this software and the source code, you can incorporate automatic shutdown functions in your Linux or Windows system.UPS_utility_ver401.zip


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