True colour RGB LED fiber optic amplifier

The E3X-DAC-S detects the colour and returned light intensity of a mark or object and compares it with a stored RGB ratio or intensity value. The RGB ratio or contrast difference allows the stable detection of differently coloured, black, grey or white marks or objects.

  • White LED for colour independence
  • Fast response time of min. 60 μs
  • Timer function for variable ON or OFF delay up to 5 sec
  • Remote teaching or easy one-button teaching

For colour and mark detection, use the E3X-DAC-S with fibers from E32 Special application.

Challenging print marks

In combination with the E32 fiber sensors recommended for the detection of challenging marks (e.g. E32-L15), the E3X-DAC can reliably detect print marks with complex design (e.g. with included design elements) or where the contrast between print mark and background is low.

Coloured print marks

Using the colour detection capabilities in C-mode or I-mode (see Technical Information for details), the E3X-DAC can be used to detect specific coloured print marks even when black or other coloured print marks are present.
Performance comparison

Registration mark detection

The packaging material used in many packaging machines is very often delivered in rolls and has to be cut and positioned accurately. In order to avoid waste, errors, and to compensate for environmental influences, a registration mark (usually black or in a colour that provides maximum contrast to the background) is added to the packaging material.
The goal of any mark sensor development is to reliably detect these registration marks even in changing environmental conditions. A particular challenge is the frequent exchange of packaging materials and the continuously changing packaging designs.
At Omron, we work closely with the leading packaging machine makers to evaluate the requirements for sensors detecting commonly used packaging material as well as the most critical designs and materials. In addition, the performance requirements vary according to the overall machine value concept


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