• Omron Safety light curtain F3SG impact and immersion torture test

Easy type for simple ON/OFF detection applications

The F3SG-RE easy safety light curtain provides simplicity in mounting, operation and maintenance.

  • Torsion-resistant for fast and simple alignment
  • Smart-click cable connection for fast set-up and correct torque to ensure IP67
  • QR code indication for easy online troubleshooting


  • For stand-alone devices.
  • Can be used for simple finger and hand intrusion.
  • Mounting takes less than half the man-hours that convention models take.
  • Highly reliable type 4 safety light curtain.

Online Trouble Shooting


8 Languages!

To access troubleshooting support for safety light curtain errors in your local language use your tablet or smartphone to scan a QR code sticker that can be applied to the machine. Also accessible by computer, operators can check the error details in 8 languages and download manuals from a dedicated website. Languages include English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German and Italian.


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