NX7 Machine Automation Controller with AI Machine Learning Functionality

The AI Controller version of the NX7 Machine Automation Controller allows for data collection, analysis, and utilization completely for the purpose of high-speed and high-accuracy Anomaly Detection. This functionality is designed to extend equipment life and utilization, as well as help manufacturers improve production quality. By implementing AI on the Edge, without Fog or Cloud connectivity, manufacturers avoid additional infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with off-premises solutions, also protecting their data security.

  • Ideal for detecting mechatronic issues and correcting them
  • Highest data collection speed and security with integrated Time Series Database
  • Data collection cycle (min. 125µs) synchronized with machine control cycle for immediate response
  • Sysmac Libraries available for AI Predictive Maintenance
  • Start-up support and training by Omron engineer
  • Simplified feature extraction and model creation
  • Programmed using Sysmac Studio software

Sysmac Studio

Created to give machine developers complete control from a single environment, Sysmac Studio integrates configuration, programming, simulation, and monitoring in a simple interface.
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