Roll grinding made easy

"Sysmac controller provided a flexible platform" - Mike Diskin, Managing Director of Halifax Numerical Controls, UK

A control system based on products from Omron is helping machine-tool expert Halifax Numerical Controls (HNC) to achieve success in the UK and around the world in the fiercely competitive market for roll grinders for rubber-coated rollers.

Among the many benefits offered by the new control system are complete integration of machine functions, an intuitive graphical operator interface, simple menu-based roll type selection, almost unlimited expandability to add new roll types, and powerful integrated diagnostics.

Products used in this solution

  • S8VK-T_OEI.jpg


    Compact 3-phase input power supply

  • Sysmac_press_image_04.jpg


    Machine Automation Controller - NJ5 Series

  • MX2_nieuw.jpg


    Born to Drive Machines

  • G9SA


    Expandable safety relay unit

  • Accurax_G5_drive_NEW.jpg

    G5 Servo

    At the heart of every great machine

  • omnucG5-moter.jpg

    Accurax G5

    At the heart of every great machine