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Omron's eLearning features FREE courses on functions and general knowledge of factory automation equipment. Omron’s free eLearning courses are available anytime, anywhere in these 8 languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

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You can choose from courses that introduce the concepts of Factory Automation and learn how to select specific control devices. These courses are most suitable for training new employees and engineers.
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Introduction to Factory AutomationThis foundation course is for first time users of control devices. You will learn about the various types of controls devices and their basic functions.
General Purpose RelaysLearn the functions and structure of relays. Important points of use are explained, such as causes of contact wear.
Photoelectric SensorsYou will learn the various ways photoelectric sensors detect objects. Examples of use help to explain the difference in sensing modes.
Proximity SensorsYou will learn the principles of detection in proximity sensors and the differences between shielded and unshielded types.
Fiber Optic SensorsLearn the amplifier functions available and the types and uses of various fiber optic cables with sensing heads.
Power SuppliesYou will learn principles and characteristics of power supplies so you understand the uses within factory automation.
Temperature ControllersLearn the basic terms used in temperature control, and the various methods of control with their important features.
PLC BasicsYou will learn the uses, mechanism and basic structure of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).
AC Drives BasicsLearn the basic terms related to inverters and examples of their use.
Basic Motion ControlLearn the basic terms related to motion control with examples of use, and how to configure a simple servo-based control system.

English / Japanese

Micro Controller Set-up and Operation(CP1 Series) You will learn how to set up the CP1 microcontrollers.
Factory Automation NETWORK BasicsYou will learn about various networks for factory automation that use controllers, and suitable use of those networks each.
Industrial TimersYou will learn the types and detailed functions of timers as well as how to use the typical products.
Displacement & Measurement SensorsYou will learn the principles of action of Smart Sensors and the functions of the typical models.
Vision BasicsThe course explains the types of vision sensors and the relevant basic terms. These can be applied in the "Vision “Lighting"” and "Vision “Optics"”.
Vision LightingYou will learn the principles of action of the lighting system used in vision sensors, as well as the functions of the typical products.
Vision OpticsYou will learn the principles of action of the lens system used in vision sensors. You will also gain knowledge necessary to choose a suitable model.
Introduction to SafetyThis course explains the basics of safety devices for those who are studying machine safety for the first time.
Servo BasicsYou will learn basic terms and knowledge of motion control that utilizes servo motors and controllers.


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