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Today's automotive manufacturing environment is complex. Trusted for over 83 years, Omron Automation is a world leader in automation and safety solutions. Our unique mix of general purpose and application specific solutions is coupled with a global footprint not found with our competitors. We are renowned for unmatched quality, innovation, reliability, and long-term stability. From vehicle components to vehicle assembly, Omron’s portfolio includes Control, Vision, Safety, Motion, and Robotic solutions to meet the most demanding automotive manufacturing environments.

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Intelligent, connected and flexible technology

Global competition, varying demand, short delivery times, high product variety, increasing design complexity, electrification, skill shortages, regulatory and compliance requirements, have resulted in a challenging cost competitive environment for all manufacturers and their suppliers.
From vehicle component to vehicle assembly, our portfolio includes Input, Output, Logic, Vision, Safety, Motion, and Robotic solutions to meet the most demanding automotive manufacturing environment. Our extensive experience in battery, semiconductor, electrified powertrain, advanced manufacturing, and connected vehicle technology assembly allow us to provide innovative solutions that are scalable for manufacturing of the future vehicle.
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  • When is a safety mat better than a laser scanner?

    In the new flexible factory environment, customers require that every piece of automation earns its spot in the manufacturing process. This means that, not only purchase price, but operator safety, reliability, maintenance, and repair costs all go into the equipment purchase decision. Providing a safe and reliable solution in a robot-AGV-human environment is a must.
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    Want to optimize manufacturing production?

    Power quality is a requirement in modern manufacturing environments. Transient harmonic distortion, brownout voltage sags and swells, voltage reductions, momentary disruptions and interruptions, and current spikes are an increasingly common problem. Learn more
  • Using (AGVs) to create a more flexible and efficient production environment

    Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are a key component of a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and are a proven technology to improve efficiency, safety, and quality in an automotive manufacturing environment. Reliable, configurable, easily programmable, and real-time communication capabilities are critical to successful implementation. Learn more

    Smart sensing drives press productivity

    In most press shops, damaged tooling is the number one cause of downtime. Misalignment, short feed, over feed, slug stacking and part ejection failures can damage dies that cost upwards of $10,000 to replace and create hazardous conditions for operators. Learn more
  • Obsolete middleware can bring a modern fabrication line to its knees

    Many semiconductor, FPD, and LED plants use obsolete middleware to enable SECS/GEM communication. Middleware failure potentially can disable a production line for days, weeks, or months. Omron’s NJ SECS/GEM solution provides a more reliable and easier to configure solution for connecting backend equipment to host systems. Learn more

    Using SQL to speed up data logging and create a more secure and integrated environment

    Data logging is a critical part of the manufacturing process. For decades manufacturers have used SCADA or gateway systems to perform this task. However, these tend to be complex to support and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It also requires more time to poll monitored devices.
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  • Smart manufacturing is the future – It’s already here

    Many automotive plants operate at capacity. Omron’s LifeCycle Function Blocks for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance technology allows plant personnel to be both preventative and proactive with maintenance while improving utilization while consuming fewer resources.
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