Innovations in Panel Building

New value for control panels

Recent evolution of control panel design and manufacturing is benefiting panel builders as well as end users and machine builders, resulting in evolution within production facilities that reduces total cost of ownership.
With the goal of making panel manufacturing simpler and more efficient, we have innovated new techniques and technologies for panel design, panel manufacturing processes, and wiring. Our Value Design for Panel concept guides the development of control panel products that reduce time and labor costs, power consumption, and control cabinet size.

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Value Design

Products providing competitive advantages

Specifications for Value Design products focus on uniform mounting height and depth, reduced overall volume and side-by-side mounting to make room for more capabilities, and wiring capabilities without tools using front access Push-In Plus wiring terminals to decrease installation time. A panel built around Value Design Concept products provides competitive advantages for panel builders, machine builders and end users:
  • Downsizing control panels
  • Saving space inside the panel  to add more capability later
  • Unified dimensions reduces design work
  • Reducing dead space improves airflow to dissipate heat
  • Lower temperatures inside the panel increases product reliability, decreases failure rates, and prolongs product life expectancies
  • Strong vibration resistance during shipping and operation
  • Reduced process time from design to assembly to shipment
  • Certified for CE, UL, and CSA to simplify international export
  • Unified I/O terminal positions improves speed and accuracy of wiring to shorten delivery times

Combining multiple products that share the Value Design concept increases the value to all stakeholders involved with control panel design and use.


Simple & Easy for panel building

Easy wiring

Terminal blocks with push-in plus technology help to simplify wiring.

  • Easy to insert: Using our Terminal blocks with push-in plus technology is easier than inserting an earphone jack.
  • Held firmly in place: Even though less insertion force is required, the wires are held firmly in place. With our advanced mechanism design and manufacturing technology, we have produced a spring that allows low insertion force while ensuring high pull-out force.
  • Work with both hands: The terminal mechanism has been designed to hold the screwdriver, enabling you to have both hands free to insert the wiring into the front-facing cable entry point.
  • Wiring possible with stranded wires: It is possible to insert wires with ferrules, solid or stranded wires (Please reference datasheets for specifications).

Front-in and front-release wiring

The terminal cable entry of our independently developed terminal blocks with push-in plus technology all face forward for easy wire insertion.


Innovating the panel building process

Efficient Designing

Our electrical control CAD library of our products can assist in reducing design effort.

Innovating the panel building process

Faster wiring

Unified wiring methods and specifications help shorten delivery times.

  • Easy-to-understand terminal positions enable more accurate work.
  • Unified I/O terminal positons allow you to organize the wiring of control panels.
  • Greatly reduce wiring effort with Terminal blocks with push-in plus technology.
  • Retightening is not required for Terminal blocks with push-in plus technology. The pressure of the clamp spring holds the ferrule or wire securely, eliminating issues related to screws loosening due to vibration.

Swift customisation

Devices with unified specifications allow you to easily customise panels for each customer.

  • The height and depth of our products have been unified, to enable existing designs to be easily customised.
  • The wide range of products with unified specifications gives you a wider selection: Power Supplies, Timers, Measuring and Monitoring Relays, Sockets (for Relays, Timers, Liquid Leakage Sensors), SSR, DIN-rail Terminal Blocks, Temperature Controllers, Power Monitors, UPSs, EtherCAT
    Slave Terminals.

Global shipping

Our Value Design products are certified for CE, UL, and CSA.


An evolution for control panels

Space saving

By adding devices in the newly available space, you can mount more devices in the same size control panel to increase control panel functionality.

An evolution for control panels

Reduce dead space

We’ll help you downsize control panels by reducing the width between wiring ducts and dead space.

An evolution for control panels

Improve airflow

The use of components with a uniform height ensures unobstructed airflow. As a result, heat is easily dissipated. Reducing the temperature inside the panel increases product reliability, decreases failure rates, and prolongs product life expectancies.

Side-by-side mounting is possible due to reduced power consumption (therefore generating less heat) for each model at an ambient temperature of 55°C.

Vibration resistance

You can use Terminal blocks with push-in plus technology to create robust control panels that withstand vibration during both shipping and operation.

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