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The New ZX Series, ultra-compact displacement sensor

March 22, 2012

Displacement sensors in our new ZX1 and ZX2 series combine simple one-button set up and compact construction with high accuracy and stable operation irrespective of the target colour or surface type.

Exceptional versatility and outstanding performance

The exceptional versatility of the new sensors is guaranteed by their wide sensing range, which extends from 20 mm to 1,000 mm depending on the model.  They have the ability to deliver stable results even with “difficult” targets such as dark coloured rubber composites and those with reflective surfaces. In addition to this attribute, their fast response time – typically 60 µs or better – makes ZX1 and ZX2 series sensors ideally suited for use in high-speed production machines.
Beyond their outstanding versatility and performance, the new sensors are also easy to set up - a single button press is all that’s needed to configure the sensor to suit the type of target with which it is being used. Installation is straightforward thanks to the compact construction of the sensors – the ZX2 sensing heads have an IP67 rating, so they can be relied upon to operate reliably even when installed in harsh environments.
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ZX1 sensors

ZX1 sensors have an integrated amplifier, which allows speedy single-component installation, while ZX2 sensors, with their separate amplifier units, feature an even more compact sensing head. Both models have a digital display to provide an instant readout of distance to target and, in ZX2 models, the displayed value can be scaled to suit specific user requirements.

ZX2 models

The ZX2 models also offer a scalable analogue output that is user selectable as voltage or current, and a range of advanced functions that allow averaging, peak-to-peak, sample, minimum and maximum measurements plus more. Pairs of ZX2 sensors can be used for thickness measurements.
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