Solución de hardware dedicado con movimiento, EtherCAT y comunicaciones SECS/GEM

La versión de semiconductores del controlador de automatización de máquina NJ permite la comunicación directa con la PC anfitriona

  • Un solo controlador para movimiento, redes y comunicación con los sistemas del semiconductores
  • Elimina puntos de falla en la PC de portal y en el software especializado para servicios de mensaje SECS de alta velocidad (HSMS)
  • Soporta las capas de protocolo Ethernet, TCP/IP, E37 HSMS-SS, E5 SECS II y E30 GEM
  • Notificación de eventos y funciones de gestión de alarma
  • Incluye visualizador de registro SECS/GEM para depuración y mantenimiento
  • EtherCAT incorporado para E/S, movimiento, visión y seguridad en tiempo real


SECS/GEM Features

  • Rentable, la unidad CPU SECS/GEM integra un control de máquina y comunicaciones de anfitrión, reduciendo el tiempo, el costo y la complejidad para establecer comunicaciones SECS/GEM.
  • Conexión simple, no se requiere computadora aparte, unidad especial de comunicaciones o software.
  • Ahorra espacio en la conexión directa del equipo de la unidad CPU a la anfitriona
  • Sin contrato de soporte anual, reduciendo los costos de operación
SECSGEM Standards.jpg

Tiempo real

Real-Time OS

The NJ-Series hardware has been designed to adapt to the quickly changing demands of a machine automation controller. A typical system built around an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) can be difficult to change and enhance. The NJ-Series uses the proven Intel® Atom™ processor to allow real-time improvements to the core of the system. This adaptability virtually guarantees a future-proof system that can lead today's automation technology and trends.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched CPU performance
  • Advanced embedded motion
  • Unique application solutions



Accurate and Precise

Because Omron developed every aspect of the control core, run-time is predictable and reliable with no instability caused from third party code or software. With this advantage, NJ-Series functions can be accurately and precisely predicted for real world operation. The NJ501 comes in 16, 32, and 64-axis models, with features such as CAM profile simulations that provide not only position data, but additionally velocity, acceleration, and jerk. These give a detailed prediction of how the machine motion will actually perform. Only Omron can deliver such an efficient controller, ensuring your application will behave as desired.

Key Features:

  • Logic simulation
  • Motion simulation
  • Reliable operation


Motion, Logic, and Vision in ONE

With a powerful processor comes multiple systems integrated into one controller. Providing advanced motion control with proven machine logic in one unit gives your machine the ultimate advantage. The NJ-Series seamlessly combines two prominent application requirements to reduce hardware and development cost. Handshaking and other intermediate steps needed with multiple systems that create overhead, inefficiency, and delay are all eliminated while functionality and performance are increased. Tying in vision via the built-in EtherCAT interface, configured from the same software environment as the logic and motion, makes the solution unprecedented. All logic, motion, I/O, and vision response refreshing are all executed in the same control period. This enables precise sequence and motion control, in-sync with machine vision, all within a fixed period with minimal deviation.

Key Features:

  • One Controller: Tightly integrated logic, motion, and vision without sacrificing performance
  • One Software: Integrated Development Environment for logic, motion, and vision
  • One Connection: Single connection point into every aspect of the machine


Robust Hardware Design

Building on Omron's reputation for quality and innovation, the NJ-Series is designed to be a solid performer in the class of machine automation controllers. All Omron hardware undergoes stringent industrial environment testing. Fan-less operation with efficient heat dissipation eliminates mechanical failure and extends the life of the system. Standard Ethernet and USB Ports provide familiar interfaces for connection and communication. An SD memory card slot integrated in the CPU provides a common media for data storage. Backwards compatibility is provided with most CJ type IO units for easy upgrade and a full range of available and existing unit types.

Key Features:

  • Class leading industrial-grade unit with compact size
  • Standard feature Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT Master ports
  • Backward compatibility with existing Omron CJ type IO & units


Proven Technology

Developed from years of experience, the NJ-Series combines the newest technology with the stability and reliability of traditional PLCs. Built upon the knowledge and success of previous controllers, the NJ-Series advances with improvements such as task scheduling, centralized error handling, synchronized control, and multitasking. The NJ-Series system provides the hardware reliability that you expect from a PLC with the flexibility and power of a machine automation controller.


Industry Standards and Global Conformance

The NJ-Series is based on standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages and structures. An extensive instruction set following IEC rules and PLCopen based motion control is provided. Hardware compliance with EMC and EC directives ensure your system will operate according to widely accepted regulations. Global standards conformance combined with Omron's extensive worldwide support network allows your machine to comply with a variety of international markets without limitations.
Especificaciones y modelos disponibles

Modelos disponibles

Product NameSpecificationsCurrent consumption (A)ModelStandards
I/O capacity/ maximum number of configuration Units (Expansion Racks)Program capacityMemory capacity for variablesNumber of motion axes5 VDC24 VDC
NJ501 SECS/GEM CPU Unit2560 points/40 Units (3 Expansion Racks)20 MB2 MB: Retained during power interruption 4 MB: Not retained during power interruption161.90-NJ501-1340UC1, N, L, CE, KC
Product NameSpecificationsModelStandards
 Number of licensesMedia
SECS/GEM Configurator Ver.1.[][]The SECS/GEM Configurator is the software to make HSMS,SECSII and GEM settings for NJ501 SECS/GEM CPU Units. The SECS/GEM Configurator runs on the following OS. Windows XP (Service Pack3 or higher, 32-bit version), Windows Vista (32-bit version), or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit version) This software is included in the Sysmac Studio Standard Edition DVD.1 license-WS02-GCTL1-

Wireless LAN units


EtherNET cables


EtherNET accessories


Sysmac Studio

Creado para ofrecer a los desarrolladores de maquinaria un control total desde un entorno único, Sysmac Studio integra funciones de configuración, programación, simulación y monitorización en una interfaz sencilla.


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