Powerful Vision System for Faster and Precise Inspection and Measurement

The FH vision systems are designed for seamless integration with PLC's, Motion Controllers and Robotic Control Systems. Exceptionally efficient vision algorithms and high-speed image processing make the FH perfect for applications in speed manufacturing machines of all types. And now with the introduction of the FH Lite version and new high resolution cameras, the series accommodates for medium speed applications as well. With the exception of EtherCAT availability, the FH-L offers the same benefits at a lower cost to fulfill applications that require less horse power in terms of speed.
  • Two and Four-core high speed processing enable high speed inspection for fast moving lines.
  • Fast EtherCAT communications contribute to high speed control as the vision system interacts with Omron's Machine Automation Controllers (NJ/NX).
  • Systems available to take 2, 4 or 8 cameras provide great flexibility for mulitiple inspection points.
  • Over 100 tools available provide a solution to most vision inspection applications found in today's manufacturing.
  • EtherNet and RS-232 connectivity.
  • Compatibility with FZ and FH cameras, provides swift transition from FZ to FH systems without investing in new cameras nor cables.
  • Integrated NPN and PNP inputs and outputs make the FH very flexible solution as you define the best method to solve the application.
  • Customization of the user interface allows "personalization" to OEM or End User.
  • Innovative Shape Search III provides robust detection under various adverse conditions (light variations, interfering backgrounds, blurry images, etc.).

Easy Setting and Operation Using a Touch Pen

The Touch Panel Monitor FH-MT12 has been added to the FH Series. The FH-NT12 is equipped with a 12.1-inch screen that is ideal for replacement of existing models. You can adjust all the settings by touching the screen.

Increase Machine Speed

High-speed Response to Execution Instructions from a PLC A high-speed image bus and 4-core CPU processing increase the speed at every step, from image input to data output.Multiple camera inspections provide total judgement results Calculations are easy to set for the results from four parallel tasks.
FH-L Vision Controller Image.jpg

Medium Speed, Low Cost Vision System

The new FH-Lite  offers a cost effective solution for applications found right in between  smart cameras and high end vision systems .  A 2 core  mid speed processor  and over 100 different tools make the FH-L more powerful than any smart camera, but less intimidating than a high end vision system.

High Resolution, Cost Effective Cameras

Two new 5 mega-pixel cameras  with rolling shutter technology, perfect for slow moving (indexed) applications, have been added to the list of existing cameras.  One of the benefits of rolling shutter is low cost.  As a result, high resolution is  available at the price of a low resolution camera.

Perform High-precision Machine Operation

Measurements for Out-of-focus or Rotated Images The new Shape Search III processing item provides superior stability.No Worker-dependance in Calibration Accuracy Vision master calibration is provided.

Easy to Integrate in Machines

Shared Machine Interface Microsoft® .NET is supported.Display Only Required Menu Commands on the Operation Interface User interface customization is supported.

Omron presenta el sistema compacto de visión más rápido del mercado

FH_Pressimage_back ground.jpg
Diseñados para proporcionar un funcionamiento rápido y eficiente, desde la captura de imágenes a la creación de datos. Los nuevos sistemas de visión FH se han diseñado específicamente para integrarse a la perfección con PLC, controladores de motion y sistemas de control de robots; y además se adaptan a la perfección a aplicaciones de máquinas de fabricación de alta velocidad de todos los tipos. Los sistemas de visión FH cuentan con un nuevo algoritmo de visión excepcionalmente eficaz, un bus de imagen de alta velocidad, procesamiento de cuatro núcleos y una rápida comunicación EtherCAT. Una ventaja adicional es que los sistemas de visión FH son completamente compatibles con el software de automatización Sysmac Studio.


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